Stephen P. Tarzia

Badminton Footwork Traininer app

I wrote a very simple iOS app which can be used to help an athlete train for Badminton singles. It is available in the iTunes store

About Badminton

Badminton is a game of agility and reflexes which is very popular in east Asia and parts of Europe. In the singles variation of the game, success depends on the athlete's ability to move quickly between all corners of the 22 by 17 foot court, as can be seen in this video.

Training with the app


The app is essentially just a random number generator. When it announces a number, the athlete must move quickly to the corresponding part of the court, as if to return to shot that was hit there. For example, the numbers might indicate:

  1. left front corner (drop)

  2. right front corner (drop)

  3. left back corner (clear)

  4. right back corner (clear)

  5. left side (smash)

  6. right side (smash)

The purpose of this randomized training to to train the athlete's preparation for movement in any direction. It trains the athlete to balance himself when in the ready position (known as the split step). Randomized footwork training has long been an essential part of a singles player's training. However, this app allows such training to be done without the help of a coach calling out random corners.


The source code and issue tracker are hosted at github.